Video Can Vindicate Victims

June 22, 2015 // Published by Romanucci & Blandin (RB Law)

Video Can Vindicate Victims

Tragically, police brutality isn’t new. However, now citizens have the power to film incidents of police misconduct with their mobile devices. This visual evidence has proven damning for perpetrators of unlawful use of force and empowering for those citizens who are too often victims at the hands of those who are purportedly sworn to protect them.

It is not illegal to film police as long as you are not in the way, obstructing justice. Mobile Justice, an app released by the ACLU, allows users to record video of altercations between police and citizens and immediately upload that video to the ACLU database so as to safeguard it against deletion. Recently, On the Media shared their handbook for filming police encounters. Take a look for great tips on how best to capture police misconduct.

At Romanucci & Blandin, we are committed to ending incidents of police brutality by empowering citizens with knowledge of their civil rights and holding officers and departments responsible when they fail to live up to their oath to protect.

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