our goals

No one disputes the idea that police misconduct is wrong, but reasonable people do disagree about the scope of the problem and how it ought to be addressed.

The purpose of our STOP Police Brutality Now initiative is to gather reports of credible allegations of police misconduct so policymakers (and others) can make informed assessments regarding the nature and circumstances of police misconduct, and consider proposals that can minimize wrongdoing.

Individuals who are victimized by police misconduct should expect a review process that will seriously investigate complaints. We believe good policy analysis can improve governmental decision making.

Here are some of our clear goals:

  1. Require all police officers to wear body cameras in an effort to increase transparency, fairness, accountability and public safety between the police and the communities they serve.

  2. Change stop and frisk policies to be within the bounds of the constitution. The policies and practices of drag net policing of high crime neighborhoods does more harm than good.

  3. Build better trust between all communities and the police by requiring better police officer training on how to deal with community members in nonthreatening ways and improve communication skills.